Thursday, 12 August 2010

Our puppy..

Well today one of my dreams i've had since i was little has come true, you see I have always wanted a king charles cavalier since way back when I was old enough to know about dogs etc.. an today that came true... I got our 8 wk old lil boy.. he is blenhiem in colour.. as soon as he came he settled in straight away.. he was running round with kids, in fact he was barking at them when they stopped playing cos he wanted to carry on playing.. He gave everyone lots of kisses and just made himself straight at home... the kids love him to bits and so do i. Alan my partner reckons he dont love him but you can see he does, I think he is just trying to be manly.. you know what men are like..

Also on another note I have made the best card ever.... I have created a dressing table on a card, also I have made lil perfume bottles and vases to go on the dressing table.. I am so proud of this card as I think it is the best I have ever done, I have to make the box bag that it goes in, so i will post a photo tomo.. well on that note i'm off to bed.. need to get some sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow.. got meetings and i'm getting my mobility scooter.. Yippeee
scrappy hugs and paper kisses guys an gals x x x

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