Thursday, 12 August 2010

Our puppy..

Well today one of my dreams i've had since i was little has come true, you see I have always wanted a king charles cavalier since way back when I was old enough to know about dogs etc.. an today that came true... I got our 8 wk old lil boy.. he is blenhiem in colour.. as soon as he came he settled in straight away.. he was running round with kids, in fact he was barking at them when they stopped playing cos he wanted to carry on playing.. He gave everyone lots of kisses and just made himself straight at home... the kids love him to bits and so do i. Alan my partner reckons he dont love him but you can see he does, I think he is just trying to be manly.. you know what men are like..

Also on another note I have made the best card ever.... I have created a dressing table on a card, also I have made lil perfume bottles and vases to go on the dressing table.. I am so proud of this card as I think it is the best I have ever done, I have to make the box bag that it goes in, so i will post a photo tomo.. well on that note i'm off to bed.. need to get some sleep as I have a busy day tomorrow.. got meetings and i'm getting my mobility scooter.. Yippeee
scrappy hugs and paper kisses guys an gals x x x

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My Stampman ATC's

I entered 6 ATC's into the Stampmans ATC challenge... The theme was Wings......
                                                                                                                                                                           The link for the stampman atc group is

Julys ATC'S

Here are july's ATC's i created.. The theme was animals.....

Junes ATC'S

The theme for june was black, white+ 1 other colour... here are the 3 I created:-

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Cholmondeley castle

On Saturday I went to cholmondeley castle's pageant of power, What an absolutely fabulous day we had. There was all types of vehicles including very old ones and the new tester electric car... There was so much to do that we didn't get round to everything and wish we had booked to go for two days....
My kids had a blast.. they rode in tanks, went on speed boats, Raleigh cars... the little ones drove mini jeeps went on trains and the list goes on and on... I would recommend that anyone who is interested in any vehicle or just wants a good family day out then you should go next yr...........
Well I'm off now to get an early night as my lovely son has passed his cold on to me... I'm hopefully going to be starting my ATC'S... Need to make a start as they need to be in at the end of the month... ARRRGGGHHHH I'm sure I'll get them done in time.
Bye for now... loads of scrappy hugs and paper kisses to all x x

Monday, 12 July 2010


Well I have finally got round to photographing all the cards I have made so far, some I have made at home and some I have made in the card making classes I go to.. I am still learning how to do blogs etc so I am hoping to post the photo's for everyone to see. I have sent quite a lot of them off to people for birthdays etc so I am not left with many now..
A while ago I mentioned that I got a metal case so I could store all my pro markers, well my collection is complete now and I have also organised them all in the case...
Lately I have been suffering really bad with my Fibromyalgia, I have been having really bad flare ups so i have not got round to doing much.. I am starting to come through now although the pain has been making me sleep for days at a time.. I have discovered there is a fibro group where I live and I am hoping to be able to go so I can meet up with people who go through what I do everyday. My partner ( alan) sometimes asks me to explain how I feel? I find this very hard, if you have never had fibromyalgia it is very hard to understand.. How do you explain to someone the pain I suffer, my mood changes, my depression and how I feel I have let my kids down... I know I haven't in reality but i always feel bad on them, I do try to do as much as I can with them when I am able to but it's not the same.... Anyway I am off now as I have to try and upload my photos, THIS SHOULD BE FUN LMAO
bye for now

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Well it's been a long time since i did a post, main reason is i have been bad with my fibromyalgia... doctors have uped my patches now...... anyway other reason is i have been having lovely time with my kids in the sun...
This week i have set my self a  few challenges............ 1= is to enter one of the many card competitions on the blogs and 2= is to make at least 2 cards a week...........
I got some good news the other day from my father he showed some of my cards to a local shop in wales where he lives and the lady has asked me to make some for her to sell in her shop...... YIPPPPPPPPEEEEEEEE i am so excited.. better get making cardsI am going to dedicate the money i get to my daughters playgroup which is not goverment run, it is a lovely little private one who have brought her on so much and they are getting her ready to go to school in september a week after her 4th birthday ( so scared as she is soooo little) well i'm off now so i can watch rest of britains got talent......... i will leave you with some pictures of my lovely kids playing in the sun lots of scrappy hugs and paper kisses

Friday, 21 May 2010

Shopping, shopping and more shopping

Well today has been a very busy day, had to take my cat the vets to be neutured and while i was waiting for news on him, i decided to do a bit of retail therapy. Firstly i picked up my metal cd case that will be my new home for my promarkers as i have seen on someones blog how to transform them into a holder for your promarkers...
Then i went and bought loads of martha stewart punches as i think they are absolutely beautiful, i am becoming a BIG fan of her punches..
I have now downloaded the full promarker colour sheet so i can finish getting the rest of them. This weekend i am hoping to get my case all organised and hopefully make some cards..
Can't believe it is friday again already, where has the time gone.. never seems to be enough hours in the day anymore..
I have set myself a personal challenge.. thats to join an ATC swapping group and to enter at least one card competition on the blogs i visit

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Im as tired as the kitty in the photo

well im off to the land of nod, done as much as i can tonight.......... slowly getting there now.. can add links now YIPEE!!!!!!!!!! only took me like for ever to do it... Goodnight everyone

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

First ever Post

Well I have finally made it, my first ever blog post... Still Learning so there might be a few changes along the way as I learn more... Been reading and reading more an more on making a blog, Yesterday evening i atended the craft group i go on a monday at 7pm lovely group of ladies... I have only been going a few weeks but enjoy it so much.. The group is run by Crafters corner shop owner  Sue McClelland. Anyone interested in joining a group should give sue a call as i highly reccommend this group.. it's more than a group its a chance to learn new things and have a fun time with people who enjoy crafting...
Well folks thats it for now going to carry on trying to sort the rest of my blog site out
Scrappy Hugs and paper kisses to all x