Monday, 12 July 2010


Well I have finally got round to photographing all the cards I have made so far, some I have made at home and some I have made in the card making classes I go to.. I am still learning how to do blogs etc so I am hoping to post the photo's for everyone to see. I have sent quite a lot of them off to people for birthdays etc so I am not left with many now..
A while ago I mentioned that I got a metal case so I could store all my pro markers, well my collection is complete now and I have also organised them all in the case...
Lately I have been suffering really bad with my Fibromyalgia, I have been having really bad flare ups so i have not got round to doing much.. I am starting to come through now although the pain has been making me sleep for days at a time.. I have discovered there is a fibro group where I live and I am hoping to be able to go so I can meet up with people who go through what I do everyday. My partner ( alan) sometimes asks me to explain how I feel? I find this very hard, if you have never had fibromyalgia it is very hard to understand.. How do you explain to someone the pain I suffer, my mood changes, my depression and how I feel I have let my kids down... I know I haven't in reality but i always feel bad on them, I do try to do as much as I can with them when I am able to but it's not the same.... Anyway I am off now as I have to try and upload my photos, THIS SHOULD BE FUN LMAO
bye for now

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